• 20,000 Steps Around the World

20,000 Steps Around the World

The world’s best hikes and walks in one volume with breathtaking photography, detailed terrain and route guides, maps, and expert descriptions—whether you need to unplug for an afternoon or get away for longer.

A carefully selected collection of 200 routes designed to appeal to perambulatory enthusiasts of all stripes. From vigorous hikes around Lake Tahoe to enjoying the charms of England’s Thames Valley, there is something for everyone.

Itineraries cover a range of sights sure to appeal to a diverse audience: pastoral countrysides, dramatic mountain views, soothing seaside panoramas, and historical landscapes such as famous battle sites or medieval pilgrimage routes. Expert descriptions include facts and trivia only locals would know and call out special not-to-be-missed features. Some routes are easy and take a few hours, while others might require a few days to complete.

The book is organized into 50 main itineraries that link to three to five additional similar or related routes. Sample entries include New England’s Franconia Ridge Loop, Washington’s Mount Rainier Trail, the pilgrimage route of Saint Francis in Italy, and Mont Blanc, where France, Italy, and Switzerland meet.