Antique Panetiere 31.5x18x39h

  • Antique French Panetiere(Bread Cabinet)
  • Dimensions: 31.5" wide 18" deep 39" tall
History and Etymology for panetière

French, from Middle French panetiere cupboard for keeping bread, from Old French, bread sack, irregular from pan, pain bread (from Latin panis) + -iere (feminine of -ier -er)

It is characteristic of France from past centuries until after the First World War , when bread, which was the mainstay of the meals of that time, was kneaded , prepared and cooked by the family, at home or in the communal oven. The bread was often only prepared once a week and therefore had to be kept in the best conditions.

There were panetières on foot, placed on a low sideboard or often hanging against a wall, to be out of reach of rats and mice . It consisted of two or three wooden panels with fences or wooden columns turned, to allow the circulation of the air and the best conservation of loaves of bread.

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