• Donald Vertical Frame 7.5x15h

Donald Vertical Frame 7.5x15h

The Donald Vertical Frame offers a little bit crazy and fun to your home decor collection. Made entirely of metal, this quirky frame is available in gold and is perfect for adding a touch of personality to any picture. Whether you're looking to showcase your latest vacation photos or just want a unique way to show off your favorite memories, you can't go wrong with this frame.

  • With its duck feet and gold frame, it will bring originality to your photos.
  • It will not go unnoticed in your interior and will give it a wild and offbeat side.
  • This frame is the a typical gift you need!
  • This frame exists in vertical and horizontal format.
  • A quirky and delightful picture frame with a pewter coat and duck feet to elevate your picture.
  • A lovely gift for an eccentric loved one who enjoys vintage styled homeware with a peculiar edge.
  • $48.00
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