• Avignon Sunburst 33x33”

Avignon Sunburst 33x33”

The namesake of our Avignon Sunburst is a large city in France located along the Rhône River dubbed “a medieval town with a youthful attitude.” This moniker is the perfect description for the glorious wall adornment. Much like the ornate and fortified walls of the famed Palais des Papes, this hand-made masterpiece is full of intricate details and an elaborate symbol of power. Crafted from a combination of wood and iron, each ray is individually assembled, painted, distressed, and ordained with a gilded finish.

  • Color & Finish: Antiqued gold and brown
  • Artisan hand painted in a wood finish with gilt touches, special finishes are applied to achieve an antique patina
  • Each wooden ray is hand carved and assembled by hand
  • $425.00
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